Kitchen Battle

Difficulty – hard

Duration – 60 minutes

Group size – 6-14 people

Escape room “Battle of Kitchens” is the perfect escape room  for large groups. The game is a competition between the 2 teams with a special concept and different from the regular escape room.

Your group is divided into 2 groups and each group enters a separate room, identical to the other for the head-to-head competition. The winning team is the one that will be able to solve more puzzles during the game and faster than the competing team. During the game if one team advances – the competing team gets a sign and this adds to the atmosphere of competition and action.

“Kitchen Battle”  is a challenging room, perfect for large groups, full of action and competition.

The theme of the room:

For years, the two most famous gourmet restaurants in Israel worked side by side in full cooperation, but now that a Michelin star is on the line and only one of the restaurants can receive it, the knives are out! Get ready for the craziest ultimate dish battle ever seen in the history of the restaurant industry. Only the sharpest and most daring will win. Will you be able to defeat your friends? Who came out on top? Who will win the last Michelin star?

Kitchen Battle Escape Room is a finalist in the Top Room category for the category for the 2022 TERPECAs – The Top Escape Rooms Project.

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